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Institute of Data Processing Management of Nigeria

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April 26, 2017
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March 27, 2020

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About Us

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The Institute of Data Processing Management (IDPM) of Nigeria is one of the leading and fastest growing professional bodies in Nigeria. As a result, IDPM certificates are in high demand for admission into various levels (Degree, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Degree programmes) in various disciplines (Management-related and Computer-related courses) in various tertiary institutions (Universities, Polytechnics, etc) in Nigeria and abroad. With the aid of qualified, experienced and competen t graduate lecturers, as well as very conducive learning environment; the practical-based training of IDPM of Nigeria equips candidates with the requisites to meet with the demand of this age of computer and information technology.

The Institute of Data Processing Management (IDPM) of Nigeria stands for Effective Data Processing and System Management. It is a professional body which is recognized under the companies and Allied Matters Decree 1, of 1990. It is the Nigerian counterpart of IDPM London, now known as the Institute for Management of Information System (IMIS). The IDPM (Institute of Data Processing Management of Nigeria) programme is designed to ease the process of knowledge and skill upgrades. It is particularly useful to employees with lower qualifications who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skill in order to move up the corporate ladder. The programme is self-paced, making it highly suitable to employees who cannot take study leaves. It could be run as part-time, full-time or any other schedule that suits the working condition of the employee. Completion of Part I & II and Part III & IV stages of the course is equivalent to OND (Ordinary National Diploma) and HND (Higher National Diploma) respectively. Graduates of the first stage (Part I & II) and second stage (Part III & IV) of the Professional programme are eligible for Direct Entry into 200 Level University Degree programmes and Post Graduate Degree programmes respectively if so wished.

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES The aims and objectives of this Institute are: (1) To serve as the central body of authority for those engaged or about to engage in the field of Data Processing and Systems Management . (2) To run courses and coduct proffessional examinations in the field of Data processing and system Managements. (3) To award professional memebership certificate to qualified proffessionals as determined by the council. (4) To organise seminars ,symposia,conferences for it's members ,other Data processing practitioners and the general public. (5)To confer the titles of Analyst ,Snr, and Chief Analyst on its members who pocess such qualifications as determined by the council. (6) To confer meritorious award on eminent personalities who have contributed towards the development of Data processing proffesion in particular and humanity in general. To effectively achieve the above, the institute shall: (a) Set up manpower development Institutions individuallly or in collaboration with other recognised training Institutions. (b)Establish branches throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria with Data Processing training facilities as well as have common views. (c) Publish journals ,Newsletters ,Magazines,books relating to the profession of Data Processing Management and other general Literature that will be of benefits to members. (d) Assist members to effectively run computer bureau for firms and individuals by providing appropriate counseling services as and when needed; (e)Assist the arms of government and business organization on matters relating to effective data processing management; and (f)Undertake professional visit to other countries for comparable studies. Fountain Trust Educational Consult is a Corporate Member of the Institute of Data Processing Management (IDPM) of Nigeria. (This is in accordance with the provision above. It is a recognized manpower development institution that trains individuals in data processing in collaboration with IDPM of Nigeria ). By virtue of the Corporate Membership, it is empowered by the Institute to: ▪ Publicize admission into IDPM programmes. ▪ Admit candidates into IDPM programmes. ▪ Train candidates in IDPM programmes. ▪ Present candidates for IDPM examinations. Courses that students can further in:- Direct entry Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Computer Economics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Business Education, etc Post Graduate Diploma (PGD): Management Information System, Business Management, Public Administration, DP/Marketing Management DP/Management Accounting Information Technology, etc Universities where IDPM Certificates are recognized Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ambrose Alli University, Ekiti State University, Crescent University, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ladoke Akintola University, St. Clement University; Australia, Aldersgate College/University; Philippine, University of Applied Science; Port-Novo, European-America University; New York, Walden University, London Sikkim Manipal University; India (Ghana Campus) etc. Professional Bodies around the world where IDPM Certificates are recognised Association for Computer Machinery (ACM); New York USA Institute of Management Information System (IMIS); London Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET); United Kingdom The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE); USA Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM); Nigeria Chartered Institute of Commerce (CIC); Nigeria Chartered Institute of Certified Secretaries and Reporters (CICSR), Nigeria. etc We have only listed Universities in which Graduates of the programme are currently offering courses; you are encouraged to make enquiries into other Universities not listed independently. Requirements: Intending students are required to have Five (5) O-Level Credits, although students still awaiting their results may be considered.

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