About Us

BEDROCK PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION AND SERVICES NIG. LTD. (BPES) is a private Educational Institution situated in Nigeria with various operational offices and centers in the SIX GEOPOLITICAL ZONES including the Federal capital city Abuja. fishing frenzy freeOur heritage is from PSALM 40:2. We train and certify professional graduates, we are professional teams with highly Entrepreneurship skills to continues where the universities training stops. We establish the going of graduates and professionals by taking them from where they are to a higher global professional level.

We provide best learning exp.


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Our Vision.

To provide a conducive environment for students to learn, grow, transform and get professional certification that will enable them foster into their field of studies in the global market through quality education and training.

Our Aim

Bedrock Professional Education and services (BPES) aims to grow, drive and empower professionals with modern skills irrespective of their disciplines or field of studies and to create enabling and quick environment that will permeate our students and clients to study and work in any country of the world. To equip our students and clients with lifelong viable enthusiasm that Education does not end in the university but that knowledge and professionalism is lifelong. .

Our Philosophy

We believe that Education should be exciting and suitable into your tiring list of daily activities. Lectures should be available anytime, anywhere, for anyone, and presented with easy-to-understand. Here in Bedrock P.E.S, our team have excellent teaching skills and modern educational technological know how to equip our students. Modestly, we make learning transpire.

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Our Mission

We are a prodigious, up-to-the-minute Professionals, in the largest Nation of the Black race, impacting the globe with a motivating spirit to discover and propagate knowledge, and make professional education and certifications available and favorable to all undergraduates and graduates with the passion and ability to succeed. We work closely with our city, with business, the community and our academic peers - locally, nationally and internationally – we are inventive, creative, generate great opportunities, and enable our students, colleagues and everyone whose lives we touch to make an impact. We are passionate about creating opportunities through lifelong learning, to provide students with professional, practical and positive learning experiences so they become competent, valuable professionals, and to maximise their career opportunities and academic pathways in globally. We help to enrich student’s life experience through global connections by gaining practical work experience in globally.